What is Real Bullshit?

We all experience REAL BULLSHIT on a daily basis.  We notice things that are down right lies-false hood-or plain ol' BULLSHIT.  Here at Real Bullshit, we plan to expose Bullshit because we have special powers that allow us to see right through it.  We need your help,  although we are pretty good at sniffing out BULLSHIT you may be better.   Remember, it's more room OUT than it is IN.  So contact us and leave us your crap.

Disclaimer: This entire Blog is Bullshit...so don't take it too seriously...if you are then you are on that "Other Shit".

What to expect from Real Bullshit: (That's easy..Bullshit!)
Okay For real...NO SHIT.
  • We will post Bullshit messages left in our Vent-Box.  drbswriter@gmail.com (Dr. Bullshit Writter)
  • We will post Bullshit digital voice messages left in our voicemail box.  1-510-473-2527 (or 1-510-4REALBS)  Your Official Bullshit Hot-line.
  • We will post Real Bullshit that we find in the current news, fashion, entertainment all over the world or where ever we can find it. (In Space-Total Bullshit!)
  • We will feature "Bullshitter" of the Day-Week-Month-Year.  (We nominate this blog  1st.)
  • Plus more.
Basically, we want to entertain you with this Real Bullshit, as you do whatever Bullshit you do.
This is all in fun.

Yours Truly
Dr. B.S. Writer
I can't wait to hear your Bullshit!  Call Now! 1-510-473-2527 and if your long distance calls aren't FREE...that's some Real Bullshit!

How often do you Bullshit?